The feelings we have for this photo cannot be expressed with mere words, but it’s worth a shot.Ā Jon Favreau,Ā executive producerĀ ofĀ The MandalorianĀ seriesĀ from theĀ Star WarsĀ franchise, sharedĀ a very importantĀ Instagram post on Thursday.Ā In the photo,Ā the famed creator of theĀ entireĀ Star Wars universe, George Lucas, can be seen cradling Baby Yoda, the Internet’s favourite little gremlin and the standout star of the series, while filming season 2.

Baby Yoda, who was given his name since he resembles a baby version of the original Yoda character but has actually been revealed to be called The Child, has become somewhat ofĀ an Internet sensation. His adorable baby antics has turned him intoĀ a viral meme on more than one occasion, and his wide-eyed wonder has fans meltingĀ from cuteness on a regular basis. Instagram meme account, Tank Sinatra, commented on the photo, “Proud grandpa,” and it’s definitely a fair assessment. Considering GeorgeĀ startedĀ Star WarsĀ way back in the 70s withĀ Star Wars: Episode IVā€”A New Hope,Ā heĀ could lowkey be considered Baby Yoda’s grandfather. TheĀ photo is made even more comical by the fact that Baby YodaĀ is inexplicably wearingĀ a winter coat, somewhat resemblingĀ the one worn by the infamous Ikea Monkey in 2012ā€”remember that?Ā Who would’ve thought that two cute viral legends would have such similar taste in outerwear.