Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni gave the Star Wars franchise new life when they created The Mandalorian. The series gave a western feel to the Star Wars world, and made fans fall in love with Grogu (aka Baby Yoda). Last year, Disney revealed that there would be several The Mandalorian spin-off shows coming, with one of them being Rangers of the New Republic. The show was allegedly going to star Gina Carano, who was infamously fired after making controversial comments on Twitter. 

Per Variety, it appears Rangers of the New Republic has gotten the ax. Fans are speculating that the series was deflated because of Carano’s firing, however, there is no proof of that. Still, that hasn’t stopped the internet from bringing up Carano once again. 

The other shows that will spin-off The Mandalorian are The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka, and The Bad Batch. Disney+ also is bringing fans an Obi-Wan series, a Lando show, a Rogue One spin-off with Andor, and The Acolyte, which is based thousands of years before the movies. Are you excited for the new Star Wars shows, or were you really looking forward to Rangers of the New Republic?