Cooper Kupp had a phenomenal season with the Los Angeles Rams. In fact, Kupp had the receiving triple crown this year, and he also broke a record for most receptions in a given season. It was a truly special season that had many fans wondering if Kupp could get league MVP this year.

In the end, that honor went to Aaron Rodgers, however, Kupp got the last laugh as he was crowned the MVP of the Super Bowl. The Rams superstar was easily the biggest difference-maker in the game as he ended up scoring two touchdowns, including the game-winning tally that ultimately won the Rams the big game.

Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Today, analysts are giving their takes on Kupp’s performance, and as you can imagine, reporters like Stephen A. Smith are simply amazed by what Kupp did. While onΒ First Take today, Smith said that Kupp was the best wide receiver in the entire league right now and that he cannot be beaten.Β 

Michael Irvin had a little something to say about this, as he feels like Davante Adams is the true number one wide receiver in the NFL. This led to a heated debate in which Dan Orlovsky broke the tie and sided with Smith. After all, Kupp’s recent performance has solidified him as an unstoppable force.


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