Stephen A. Smith is a massive New York Knicks fan, and over the years, the team has truly angered him. They have gone through some pretty horrific years, albeit, 2020-2021 seemed to be a good season for them as they ended up finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference standings, before losing in the first round of the playoffs.

Last night, the Knicks had a 30-point lead on the Nets, and they ultimately blew it all away as Brooklyn came back to win, despite not having Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant, or Kyrie Irving in the lineup. After the game, Smith took to ESPN, where he ripped the Knicks in one of his most classic rants to date.

“The New York Knicks are a national disgrace ladies and gentlemen. They’re horrible,” Smith said. “Thibs, we’re hearing that the New York Knicks as an organization ain’t too fond of him these days. He might be out. I don’t give a damn if we was gone tonight. Julius Randle I’m done with him. Leon Rose — we got inmates in state penitentiaries more visible than this man. He’s the president of basketball operations and we can’t find this man. They are trash, horrible… Sixteen points in the fourth quarter. The New York Knicks are trash.”

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Smith then went on to say that fans should be looking to boycott the games. He even referenced iconic Knicks fans like Spike Lee and Tracy Morgan, who have always stuck by the team. Needless to say, Smith is beyond frustrated and he wants this mess to come to an end.

“Spike Lee shouldn’t even show up for the rest of the season. Tracy Morgan don’t go, don’t go,” Smith said. “Nobody goes. You’re horrible. I’m so done with this team. You just stink. Only excuses. I am officially embarrassed that there is video out of me saying last year talking about New York stand up… I wish Knick fans boycott this team… I don’t want to go to the Garden. I don’t want to drive by the Garden.”

Knicks fans are always going to support that team, although if the team continues to falter, they won’t exactly be happy about it. Regardless, at least we got a good Stephen A. rant out of their misery.