The love is real between Stevie J and Faith Evans. The couple was friends for decades before deciding to give romance a try, and quickly, the pair tied the knot in a Las Vegas hotel. Many couldn’t believe that the Grammy Award-winning producer and Love & Hip Hop player could actually be tied down to the ex-wife of his late friend the Notorious B.I.G., but the two artists fell in love. At the tail end of May, news circulated that Faith was arrested following an alleged domestic violence incident with her husband. Reports later stated that Stevie J refused to testify as his ex, Joseline Hernandez, hopped online and said Stevie had “two black eyes.”

Faith Evans, Stevie J, Keep The Faith, Tattoo
Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty Images

Stevie J decided to show the world, and his wife, just how dedicated he is to his marriage. The reality star displayed the new addition to his collection of tattoos, and this impressive realistic portrait of Faith is one that no one can miss. The photo was pulled from Faith’s 1998 album Keep The Faith that Stevie J worked on with the award-winning singer.

Check out the ink below and let us know if you’d ever do something like this for your partner.