Styles P and Jadakiss are not to be taken lightly. Shortly after it was confirmed that The LOX would be facing off against Dipset in a Verzuz battle at Madison Square Garden, it didn’t take long for the competitive spirit to kick in.

Jim Jones, no stranger to the art of stirring the pot, opted to set the stakes by declaring the legendary venue to be “Capo’s House.” Naturally, this didn’t sit well with the Ghost, who responded to Jones’ trash talk from the comfort of his pool. “I love Jim but it ain’t his fuckin’ house,” clapped back Styles. “Not on the 3rd, not Madison fuckin’ Square Garden. You know, I love Dipset, too.”

Yet Styles wasn’t finished. He later issued a warning to Jones’ team, blaming the Dipset rapper’s dealer for causing this whole mess to begin with. “On August 3rd, I’m fucking somebody up,” says Styles. “And physically, I mean. I’m gonna tell you why I’m fuckin’ somebody up physically. This is getting really out of hand and I’m pissed off and I’m gettin’ upset because I love Jim Jones. I don’t know who is lacing this n***a’s weed! When I find the n***a lacing Jim Jones’ weed, I’m fuckin’ you up.”

Styles P

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As the playful competitive energy continues to unfold ahead of the battle’s August 3rd date, Styles has once again opted to go on the offensive. This time, he’s gunning for Jones’ livelihood — more specifically his side-hustle as a weatherman. Linking up with Jadakiss in Jones’ home base of Harlem, P made it clear that his rival’s weatherman days are coming to an end. 

Kicking off with an imitation of Jones’ “foot tap,” directed by Jadakiss with an auteur’s attention to detail, Styles delivered his message. “It’s the new weatherman,” he declares. “Jim will be out of business after August 3rd, so I’m practicing the weatherman. As you can see, I’m in Harlem, New York. What up, Harlem? I love y’all.”

“I just want to say after August 3rd, I’m going to be the new weatherman,” continues P. “If I ain’t going to be it, then Kiss will have to fill in, or we’ll do this shit together. After August 3rd, no more weatherman for Capo. It’s over.”

Check out the hilarious message below, and look for the grudge match to go down on August 3rd — who do you think will walk away with pride intact? 

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