Styles P and Havoc are still campaigning for their new joint effort, Wreckage Manner. Over the weekend, the two stopped by Drink Champs where they discussed their new album and their storied careers in hip-hop. Of course, there were plenty of stories pertaining to Mobb Deep and The LOX including some of Styles’ encounters with the late Biggie Smalls.

Styles recounted the recording process behind the LOX’s single, “You’ll See” featuring Biggie Smalls, which he said contains several subliminal disses towards the Yonkers group. NORE asked which line, in particular, was directed towards the Yonkers crew, to which Styles replied, “Almost the whole shit.”

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

“‘N***as talkin’ it but ain’t livin’ it.’ We fresh off the block,” he said. “As an MC, like, any time you around another MC and it’s the shit… you aimin’ at n***as. The whole 90s — you gotta go back and listen to the whole golden era. That’s all darts and back-and-forth at each other… It’s all quoted subs in the 90s.”

Styles explained that rappers had a fierce approach to their craft in the 90s before NORE recalled the time Nas dissed Nature, Prodigy, and Cormega on “Destroy & Rebuild.” Havoc said that he never expected Nas would diss P on the record.

Elsewhere in the interview, Styles P continued to sing Biggie’s praise as the only rapper he thinks is better than him. He explained to NORE that the reason he went on Drink Champs was to declare his status as a top-tier lyricist for over 20 years. “I think I’m better than everybody but Big,” he said. “If you listen to my lyrics for over 20 years, I’ve been telling you ‘fuck everybody.'”

Check out the full Drink Champs episode below.