Every single year, you can pretty well bank on the Super Bowl being the biggest sporting event to hit the airwaves. Even when the Olympics are on, they are never able to compare to the NFL’s championship showdown. This year, we have two different teams in the Super Bowl as the stacked Los Angeles Rams are set to take on the underdog Cincinnati Bengals. It is one of those games that is surely going to be a classic or at least the fans hope so.

On one side, you have a team that should absolutely win. That team is the Rams, who are packed with superstars like Aaron Donald, Matthew Stafford, Odell Beckham Jr., Cooper Kupp, and more. On the other side, you have the Bengals, who have defied the odds with an improbable run to the Super Bowl that has ultimately etched Joe Burrow in NFL history.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

For those who want to watch this game, you will be able to do so on NBC, as the game is supposed to kick off at around 6:30 PM EST. Of course, there will be a ton of ceremonies before the game, so you expect that to bleed over into the start time. If you don’t want to watch the game on TV, you can catch it on the Peacock streaming service which is available onΒ Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation, Fire TV, and more.

Let us know who you think is going to win the big game, in the comments down below.


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