Swizz Beatz Believes DMX Sent Him Scar Lip

Swizz Beatz has actually shared his idea in a spiritual link in between the late DMX and also increasing celebrity Scar Lip, whom he views as a recipient of mentorship and also partnership from DMX’s spirit. During a meeting with Audacy’s Hip-Hop Made, the popular Ruff Ryders manufacturer specified on exactly how his participation with Scar Lip was sparked by the visibility of DMX’s spirit. It was Desiree Lindstrom, DMX’s future wife, that prompted Swizz Beatz to collaborate with the promising musician from the Bronx.

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“I genuinely believe that DMX directed Scar Lip toward me because she embodies so much of his energy,” Swizz Beatz revealed. “I’ve never seen an artist who naturally possesses the same qualities that DMX had. They are two different artists on different levels, yes. But that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about something deeper.”


He proceeded, “When you spend time with Scar Lip, you realize she has endured tremendous hardships, just like DMX. She is an incredible person with a big heart, just like X had. She represents those who have been marginalized, just like X did. Despite facing numerous challenges, she still manages to smile. That’s when I thought, ‘This girl has to succeed.’”

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