His Rap career stands on its own but T.I. also has a reputation of being an activist who speaks out against perceived injustice. Whether it pertains to police brutality or luxury brands pulling shady moves, T.I. has often used his platform to shine a light on issues that he believes deserve more attention. He’s called for a boycott of Gucci, which didn’t have much support, and in a recent interview with famed comedian Donnell Rawlings, the Rap icon seemingly touched on why that may have been.

According to T.I., there is a select group of people who let certain things slide as long as they get something out of it.

Alexander Tamargo / Stringer / Getty Images

N*ggas don’t really care, for real,” he said. “I ain’t gon’ lie to you, like, you can call the community of Black people ‘n*ggas’ as long as you send them a check,” said T.I. “Young know what I’m sayin’? Motherf*ckas will sellβ€”they’ll sell a little bit of they ego. Little bit for sale. They might not wanna do it in front of everybody but nobody really give a f*ck like that, for real.”

This has sparked a debate on several platforms as people have openly agreed with theΒ newly-crowned stand-up comedian while others have argued that some issues aren’t important enough to tackle. Watch the clip, and T.I.’s full interview, below.