A New Era

Read the following ONLY if you’ve watched till the end; Yup that’s right! MURDER DRONES EP 3 IS DROPPING 17th FEB and GLITCH has brought on @Gooseworx as a showrunner to make our NEXT SHOW — THE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS! A Surreal Dark Comedy. Huge shoutout to @TemmerTunes for animating the Digital Circus Teaser and …

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Learning to Beat Minecraft in 15 Minutes

I spent far too much time doing this EPIC @BitzelBlockington Music: Thx for the speedrunning tips: @k4yfour @Ninjabrain @Halfham @FeinbergSucks @ZylenoxV @silverrvods @doog1 @boomerplayz7086 @Specnr @Couriway Little Trolls by Frank Schröter Link: License: jeeze it’s 3:22am rn. I shouldn’t have stayed up this late xD Where I get my music: -Epidemic Sound- -Artlist- Like and …

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