Not everyone receives one-on-one business advice from Elon Musk, but The Kid LAROI was able to grab a few minutes with the tech mogul. Musk is a controversial figure in pop culture as he has often made moves that have given multiple industries pause, but the Tesla giant apparently dished out financial advice to the Australian singer last year, and it’s something Laroi holds tight to.

Back in May 2021, Laroi appeared on Saturday Night Live and he met Musk at the afterparty. The singer decided to boldly ask Musk for his thoughts on financial planning and investing, and the space race CEO offered a common answer.

Lily Lawrence / Stringer / Getty Images

“He’s like, actually a really down-to-earth just he’s just like, hanging out. So I went up and I asked him, and he basically told me to invest in something that I love. Which I thought was great advice,” Laroi told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa on an Australian radio station.

“You know, obviously, you expect someone to give you an entire plan, ‘All right, that’s what you do,'” he added. “But then I walked away realizing like, ‘Damn, that is probably the best financial advice you could give anyone.’ Because if you don’t believe in something, then how is everybody else gonna believe in it?”

“He could tell me something to invest in whatever. But if I don’t believe in it, then why would I do it, you know?” Sometimes the best advice is the obvious one. Listen to The Kid LAROI below.