This Mistake Cost 16 Skydivers Their Lives (Lake Erie Disaster)

The in-depth story of the Lake Erie Skydiving Disaster 1967.
Twenty skydivers eagerly board a World War Two Bomber plane for a complimentary high-altitude jump. Little do they know it would turn into the deadliest disaster in the history of recreational skydiving. As the plane ascends, they prepare for the exhilarating jump. But then, the weather worsens, and a thick layer of clouds engulfs the sky. Despite the golden rule of skydiving – “don’t jump if you can’t see the target” – the thrill-seekers leap into the abyss below, and sixteen fall to their deaths in the cold waters of Lake Erie in Ohio.

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Footage used under fair-use. With additional footage from:
Steve Svann
Nando W
and footage courtesy of Gold Focus Productions

We reveal the world’s darkest and greatest disasters all based on true stories.
This disaster documentary is inspired by the fantastic “Fascinating Horror”.

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