There is yet another TikTok-centered controversy and this time, it is related to Black History Month. Over the last day or so, famed Black TikTok creators have emerged on the platform in ire as they have called out not only TikTok, but a few non-Black creators who were invited to a Black History Month event hosted by none other than Nicki Minaj.

According to reports by users, the event turned into a bit of a mess after many of TikTok’s most famous Black creators weren’t even able to get into the event.

For those who were able to attend, they had several complaints about non-Black creators being given opportunities to ask Minaj questions over Black creators. The conversations regarding this have taken over TikTok and in response, non-Black creators have come forward to defend their positions. One man even stated that Black History Month is for all to learn about the influences of Black culture, adding that it wasn’t just for Black people.

This take has set off a firestorm of discussions and heated postsΒ that are trending on several platforms,Β and those angry creators are hoping to have another opportunity with Minaj. TikTok has long stood accused of silencing Black voices while promoting and helping make famous non-Black users who steal content from Black creators. The company has yet to issue a formal statement about the controversy.