Matthew Stafford won the Super Bowl on Sunday, and fans couldn’t be happier. Just a year ago, Stafford was looking to be traded from the Detroit Lions, and when he was sent to the Rams, there was pressure to show the world that he truly is a talented QB who was simply held back by a poverty franchise. In the end, that is exactly what he did as he threw three touchdowns en-route to a huge win that will forever be remembered in Los Angeles.

Today, Stafford and his teammates took to the streets of Los Angeles, where they participated in the celebratory parade. It looked like a ton of fun, and as you can see in the clip below, Stafford had a cigar in his mouth, all while keeping a beer in his hand. Clearly, he wanted to cut loose.

Fellow QB Tom Brady knows all about getting too drunk at a Super Bowl parade, and as a result, he decided to take to Twitter with some sound advice for Stafford.

“Mix in a water Matt…trust me,” Brady said. These are words Stafford needs to live by, although we doubt he is actually on Twitter right now. As it stands, the parade is a lot more important.

If Stafford doesn’t slow down, perhaps we will be seeing some of the same clips we saw from Brady, last year. Hopefully, for Stafford, that doesn’t happen.