Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski were an iconic duo with the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They ended up winning a total of four Super Bowls together, and with Brady retiring, it is clear that these two will no longer be taking to the field together. Gronk has never caught passes from any other quarterback, and at this point, fans can’t see him settling for anyone else.

In fact, there have been a plethora of rumors concerning Gronk, with most pointing towards him calling it a career, this time for good. Tom Brady spoke about this on his podcast, noting that he really wants Gronk to keep going. Brady knows what a talent he is, and how he can still help a good team.


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“I don’t know. I certainly hope (he plays). I mean, I’ve watched him basically practice and play since he started in the NFL. He can certainly do it. It’s a big commitment for all of us. It’s a big commitment to keep playing. And I know when he’s willing to make that commitment he’s unstoppable out there as a player,” Brady said. “So he’ll have a lot of opportunity in every aspect of life because of who he is and his personality and what he brings to what he does. So I sure hope so. And there’s a lot of players that are gonna be facing those tough decisions and really weighing the risks [and] the rewards to continue to play. But Gronk is someone that I love. He’s an inspirational person for me, an inspirational friend, teammate. And I think football’s a lot better when he’s in it.”

It remains to be seen what Gronk will do moving forward, so stay tuned to HNHH as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest updates from around the football world.


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