The enigmatic posts continue for Tory Lanez as he offered up a mysterious update earlier today. Lanez has been the subject of controversy for nearly two years after he was involved in a violent incident. According to Megan Thee Stallion, Lanez shot her in the foot during an altercation in the Hollywood Hills, but from the inception, Lanez has repeatedly, vehemently denied that he hurt anyone.

That hasn’t stopped the indirect back and forth of sorts to unravel for a global audience, and dedicated fans of both artists have relentlessly stirred the pot in order to further pit the artists against one another.

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

Recently, Lanez shared a celebratory post that suggested he had recently received good news. The public speculated that it had to do with his case, as he was hit with charges related to the shooting incident. Once again, Lanez has returned with another post, and this time, he shares his message about liars alongside a photo of himself smiling.

“Smiling for a real reason …. They lied for a lil season,” he wrote. “But the times coming , they gone owe me back for all the meals eaten.” He didn’t offer up any context, but of course, the internet is buzzing. Check it out below.