Trey Songz is being sued for sexual assault in Miami, but now he wants a judge to toss the case for witness tampering. Songz is accusing the woman’s attorney of attempting to pay off a key witness in the case. 

The singer filed new legal documents in response to a recent lawsuit filed by Jauhara Jeffries. Jeffries alleges that he sexually violated her back in 2017 while partying on New Year’s Eve. Jeffries reports that while she was dancing on a couch at E11VEN nightclub, Songz touched her vagina without her consent. The two had also attended an event thrown by Diddy earlier that night. 

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

In the new paperwork filed by his attorneys, Songz insists that there is a witness that can clear his name. He alleges the witness was with them all at the club and has denied being assaulted herself. The witness also says that she did not witness Songz assault anyone. The documents also claim that the unknown witness was approached by Jeffries’ lead attorney in an attempt to get her to change her story. Trey’s lawyer, Jeffrey Neiman, believes this was an attempt to get the witness to step forward as a co-plaintiff to improve Jeffries’ chances of scoring a larger settlement. 

Trey’s team claims Jeffries’ lawyer, Ariel Mitchel offered the witness a payout between $100K-$200K, depending on the outcome of the potential settlement. The witness apparently denied taking the payout and insists that she never saw a sexual assault that night. 

Jeffries is not the first woman to accuse Trey Songz of sexual assault. Dylan Gonzalez has also alleged that the singer raped her in Vegas.