After reports surfaced of a third lawsuit against Trey Songz, the singer’s brother has come forward to lay rumors to rest. Just yesterday (February 15), we reported on Songz getting hit with a $20 million lawsuit from an anonymous accuser who alleged that she was the victim of a “brutal rape.” This suit follows two others that were reportedly filed in recent months by women who have accused Songz of sexual assault.

The public has been dissecting the similar allegations made against Songz in recent years, and a name that continues to come up is Keke Palmer. Back In 2017, the award-winning actress shared a story about an alleged encounter she had with Songz where she claimedΒ he used “sexual intimidation” to force her to make an appearance in one of his music videos. Palmer alleged that things became so uncomfortable that she hid from the singer in a closet.


As Palmer’s name has become a hot topic once again, Songz’s brother Ruski has come forward with a message. He would like for people to stop mentioning the actress because Palmer never said Songz physically harmed her.

“She never accused him of rape.Β She was upset that she was put in a music video when she felt she was too intoxicated!” said Ruski. “And for that I agree she has every right to not be in video she doesn’t want to be in but she never said he physically or sexually assaulted her. Her term was ‘sexual intimidation’ not that is very serious but also very vague and it is no way an accusation of sexual assault. Furthermore there is no rape charges that have been brought against him….NONE.”

Ruski went on to say that all of the allegations are “from the SAME LAWYER” and denied that Songz has “all these rape allegations when he doesn’t.” He advised people to revisit Palmer’s video where sheΒ shared the story of her interaction with Songz to double down that the actress never accused the singer of sexual assault. Check it out below.