Another day, another controversy surrounding DaBaby. The Charlotte-based rapper became a trending topic on the internet this morning after footage of a bowling alley brawl went viral. This time, the rapper got into his with the brother of DaniLeigh, who previously stated that he wanted to fight DaBaby.

 Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The issues stem from DaBaby’s falling out with the mother of his child, DaniLeigh. Last year, the two took their private argument to Instagram Live where DaniLeigh accused DaBaby of kicking her and their child out of his home. Ultimately, she was charged with simple assault following the incident.

Brandon Bills’ challenge to fight DaBaby ultimate came into fruition last night. However, he ended up shirtless and bloodied after facing off against a group of DaBaby’s associates. He claimed that he tried to get in a 1-on-1 against DaBaby before he got jumped while DaniLeigh described the entire situation as “lame as hell.”

Of course, DaBaby’s gained a reputation for public altercations, and the Internet couldn’t help but imagine how his lawyer is reacting to the footage. 

Others continued to troll DaBaby for having a group of people fighting on his behalf on a personal matter while he stood in the back, although recent footage suggests DaBaby threw the first punch.

Check out a few reactions to DaBaby and Brandon Bills’ altercation below.