Tyreek Hill is one of the fastest players in the entire NFL, and no one can really dispute that. In fact, Hill is so fast that there have been times in which he has considered training to become an Olympic sprinter. Such plans never came to fruition, however, Hill has challenged the likes of Usain Bolt to a race, and it has led to some spirited back and forths in which Bolt has expressed some skepticism over Hill’s abilities.

What hasn’t helped Hill’s case is the fact that he lost to linebacker Micah Parson in a race at the Pro Bowl. To be fair, it didn’t look as though Hill was trying as hard, but still, he lost, which isn’t a good look for the supposed fastest player in the league.

As it turns out, Bolt feels the exact same way. While speaking to TMZ recently, Bolt noted that Hill needs a lot of work, and that his performance in the Pro Bowl is less than impressive.

“He’s not ready,” Bolt said. “He got beaten by some linebacker! He ain’t ready for this! I’m the fastest man in the world. What do you mean?!”

With that being said, it seems clear that these two will not be racing each other, anytime soon. If you’re Hill, that is probably for the best.