When DaBaby and DaniLeigh had their social media fallout, the singer’s brother Brandon Bill$ was determined to stick up for his family. DaBaby and DaniLeigh went viral after videos of the couple arguing made their way through social media and later, the rapper called his ex a “side b*tch” and claimed they were never an official couple. The pair were caring for their newborn daughter at the time and soon, the dissolution of their relationship became a trending topic.

Brandon Bill$ made sure that his voice was heard in the weeks that followed as he shared videos online and sat down for interviews, stating that he wanted to go toe-to-toe with DaBaby in the boxing ring. Instead, as we previously reported, he would find himself in a violent confrontation with the rapper at a bowling alley.

Videos of the altercation stunned viewers as DaBaby is seen swinging, and landing, some heavy hits as Brandon falls to the ground. DaniLeigh would surface with an angry post about her brother being attacked and it seems that Brandon isn’t taking the beating silently. He has reportedly filed a lawsuit against DaBaby and the news has resulted in mixed responses.

There are those who believe that DaBaby deserves to be sued but others have claimed that Brandon taunted the rapper by saying he wanted to fight him. Wack 100 chimed in with his commentary about the situation, suggesting that Brandon Bill$ is using this opportunity to get a check.

“I called it !! We gotta do this different it’s all a set up. Talk the sh!t call you out then when it happens FILE THE LAW SUITE !! It’s their New Come Up,” he wrote on social media. In his comments, The Game cosigned by dropping a “100” emoji. Check it out below.