Wildin: Woman Tried To Withdraw $13k From Chase Bank, Jumped Over Counter, And Stole Money From The Cash Box!

BUFORD, Ga. (CBS46) — An woman shocked bank-goers by jumping the front counter at the Chase Bank on Buford Drive and getting into a fight with bank employees.

According to Gwinnett County Police, the incident happened on Jan. 25 when the woman initially attempted to withdraw $13,564 from an account. The teller asked her to produce a credit card, account number and license, but the information she provided did not match the account. That’s when video shows she became distraught and jumped the counter, eventually grabbing the bank tellers keys and opening the drawer, stealing $750, according to police.

““You gone take my motherf****** money? You gone sit there and take my money?” said the woman as she climbed the counter.

While behind the counter, a Chase Bank employee attempted to stop the woman, but the woman quickly grabbed a pair of scissors from the desk and brandished them towards the man.

“Even if you’re an employee that works at that bank I understand you want to help out the company that you work for but the best thing you can do is get away from that individual,” said David Nance, CEO of Security Equipment Corporation and a self-defense expert. That amount of money is not worth a life, and scissors, that can be a deadly weapon.”

Interestingly at one point, the woman can be heard asking onlookers to call police as she stole the cash from the drawer. After getting her hands on the cash, the woman casually walks out from behind the counter and out the door, muttering swear words as she exits. Posted By Ghost

2022-02-11 13:26:17