Over the past couple of years, the NBA has been having a hard time when it comes to fan interactions during games. There have been numerous times where a fan was caught saying something completely out of pocket to a player, or even worse, actually throwing something at them. With this in mind, players have been a lot more aware of their surroundings, all while the NBA has tried to increase security so that bad situations don’t happen as often.

Unfortunately, things got ugly in Washington, D.C. last night as the Wizards took on the Miami Heat. At one point in the game, assistant coach Mike Batiste lunged at a fan behind him, after some words were exchanged. No one knows what was said exactly, however, Montrezl Harrell did come in to separate Batiste from the melee.

After the game, Wizards head coach Wes Unseld Jr. spoke to the media about the ordeal, and as you can imagine, he stood up for his assistant, all while noting that sometimes, you have to turn the other cheek.

“Obviously, we have to take the high road and just can’t indulge in that,” Unseld Jr. said. “But, I think it was a situation where something was said that was a bit over the line and I think it got the best of one of our coaches. But, either way, you have to take the high road.”


Hopefully, Wizards security is able to figure something out, so something like this doesn’t happen again. After all, you wouldn’t want a coach getting in trouble over fan stupidity.