Yella Beezy has proven time and again that he’s not one to back down from conflict. The Texas native, who has had his fair share of run ins with the law, often has security in tow when he performs in different cities. But that hasn’t stopped him from taking matter into his own hands and defending himself against potential trouble. 

On Monday (September 19), video surfaced of Beezy performing in the club 2018 hit “That’s On Me,” when a man in the crowd  seemingly approached the stage with a few choice words for the rapper. Although the audio isn’t clear, the 31-year old star can be seen repeatedly saying, “I’m like that. I’m really like that,” before proceeding to perform for the crowd. A member of Beezy’s security tried to step in, but the Broke Nights Rich Days star obliged. 

Fortunately, things didn’t get too heated, and everyone was able to leave the show safely. As for Yella Beezy, things seem to have turned around for the rapper in regards to his personal life. Last year, he was arrested and charged with sexual assault and child endangerment before posting bond shortly after. In June 2022,  the Dallas rapper was vindicated of all charges as officials dropped two counts of sexual assault and child endangerment or abandonment against him. 

“I was arrested on false allegations,” Beezy said of his arrest in May 2022. “Anybody that know me know I’m not pressed over sex or anything of that nature. I’m not an aggressive person like, that don’t even fit me, like at all.”

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