Young Buck and 50 Cent have a damaged relationship and, at this point, we’re not sure if they’ll ever be able to repair it. Young Buck has been in jail all year, getting arrested for being a fugitive from justice after a reported child abandonment charge. He’s been feeling the financial effects of his current situation and he decided to try to get some relief, filing for bankruptcy.

According to All Hip Hop, Young Buck filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection earlier in the year. However, this all may be a ploy from Buck to get out of his contract with G-Unit.

Young Buck 50 Cent
Scott Gries/Getty Images

For years, the rapper has publicly spoken about how he’s been trapped into his contract with G-Unit Records, going at 50 Cent on social media for facilitating his hard time. In the legal documents for his bankruptcy filing, Buck is reportedly disputing an undisclosed amount of money owed to Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and G-Unit Records. In fact, it is written that he’s looking to “reject any and all executory contracts with G-Unit and/or Curtis Jackson.”

In the paperwork, Buck lists G-Unit as his sole employer for the last seven years. However, there have been clear issues on both sides. You may recall 50 Cent actually having one of Buck’s videos blocked for copyright violation on YouTube, preventing the release altogether.

We’ll keep you posted on how this turns out.