The Barbz have landed Nicki Minaj and her reputation in hot water on more than one occasion, although now, some of the fanbases’ members are being roped into a lawsuit from Harvard graduate Kimberly Nicole Foster, who was severely harassed by them after speaking her mind about the “Barbie Dreams” rapper.

“Nicki is so clearly a horrible person,” Foster tweeted last Monday (September 12). “Negativity sticks to her like glue. [I don’t know] if we’ve ever seen this before.” The post has since earned over 20K likes, as well as countless threats and mean-spirited messages aimed at the original poster.

Nicki Minaj presents the Artist of the Year award onstage at the 2022 MTV VMAs — Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the victim shared that she was able to shrug off the initial response from The Barbz, but as the days went on, the messages and texts she was receiving became increasingly alarming.

“It was normal, annoying stuff where I was like, ‘OK, block and move on,’” Foster explained. “The messages became more threatening and dark, and then it started to be, ‘We’re gonna find you. I’m gonna kidnap you, I hope you get raped.”

Just hours after she shared the tweet, the YouTuber said she received a message from someone threatening to find out the address of her nieces’ school in hopes of using them as “collateral damage.” The user knew of the family member’s existence due to a past post from Foster about them.

To add fuel to the fire, the victim noticed that Minaj was seemingly encouraging her fanbase to lash out at her by liking tweets related to the targeted harassment.

“There’s an understanding among the Barbz that the harder they go for her – the more virulent the nastiness – there’s more of an opportunity for her to recognize them,” Foster told The Daily Beast.

It’s been noted that as she prepares for the lawsuit, the content creator is in the process of gathering more information about those who have threatened her in the past week. At this time, she has no plans to name Minaj in the case.

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